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This is a fan community for Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. The rules are simple: no flaming, no bashing/bad talking of spouses, ESPECIALLY Karen, no bitching about mod decisions and try to be as coherent as possible. Other than that, rock on!

Discussion, art and icons welcome. We also welcome fanfiction here. That means Real People Fic, and given that many people on the internet don't like it, just like many do, we still request you use a friends lock when posting it to this community. A friends lock is also needed when/if posting MP3s. Mainly to save our butts more than anything else, so PLEASE don't forget. This isn't a suggestion, but a rule. It's just much easier not to advertise. Please use LJ cuts when posting graphics, icons and fic. No one likes a messed up friends page. Please go easy on the text talk and abbreviations, while we're at it. Some are fine, but seriously no "i hv a qston. a/s/l?" or anything. The mods value their eye sight and ability to comprehend. We won't be held responsible for our actions if we can't understand a post.

A new and specific rule to be aware of as well: Daily Mail, Mirror, Sun and anything else classed as a tabloid or gossip magazine are not allowed to be posted to this community. Unless it is a proper interview, do not post it here. Thank you.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment on this entry. Also, there is an important entry you should read once you've joined here.

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By the way if you were wondering what polka on valium have to do with anything: Robin Williams referred to ice dancing as this in his 2002 stand up show, the mods found it the funniest thing ever... and so in it goes.

And Whorevill is an ironic nickname, Jayne is ANYTHING BUT. So chill, we're just making fun.